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What people say

Sheila, Diego's  mom (18months)

"We worked with Nilva to help our baby fall  asleep independently, in his crib, without having to nurse him to sleep. Our rest was seriously affected and we needed some coaching. She walked us through the different methods and always respected our parenting style. Most of all we liked the fact of not letting our baby cry it out and being able to stay with him all the time. 

Thank you Nilva for being so caring, for your endless patience and for always supporting us. We would absolutely recommend  your services for your dedication and how professional you are."

Diana, Hugo's mom (5 months)


¨Nuestro bebé no tiene problemas de sueño, simplemente solicité la ayuda de Nilva sobre algunos tips para que a medida que nuestro peque va creciendo siga conciliando bien y no surjan los problemas. Recibí consejos de mucha utilidad que aplicaré seguro para fomentar hábitos de sueño saludable. 

Gracias por tu ayuda!¨

Marta, Hector's mom (7   months)

"Our baby woke up at least 8 times a night and would only go back to sleep if I nursed him. I was restless! There is a lot of information out there about baby sleep, but nothing was really useful until Nilva helped us adapt all those tips to our situation. From the very first day I implemented the new routine, it worked and it was very motivating. Hector went straight to just 2-3 wakings and was sleeping in his crib! We continue to work with Nilva to improve our baby's sleep".

R, mom of 6 years old

S.A.  is 6 years little girl with a sleep disorder and we had a consultation with Nilva to help get the whole family on the same page.  Lots of new techniques along with reminders of past strategies will get us where we need to be.  We have already sleep trained and know the benefits.  Nilva is just what you need if you need a refresher course, moral support and a few new tricks. Thank you Nilva 

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